Tension is rising at Carole race track for the World Championship finale

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Who will climb the highest step on this podium on Sunday, and become the 2012 Supermoto World Champion? All teams have now arrived at Carole and are getting ready for this weekend’s races.

Unless there is a major surprise, the title will be fought between Thomas Chareyre (team TM) and Mauno Hermunen (team SHR). Thomas is leading by 20 points in the standings.

Another battle to follow is the one for the title of the French Open Championship, and this one should be between Jarno Langlois and Romain Taurel.

The 17pouces.net team is set up and ready to roll at the Media Center here in carole, to keep you updated throughout the weekend. Follow us live on our facebook page  (click here), or read the summary here at the end of the races !


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